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Use Effective Print & Email Newsletters in Your Marketing Plan

Reach Prospective Clients

As a contractor, you must reach out to your customers instead of waiting on them to find you. A beautiful, full-color print newsletter or a well-designed and timely enewsletter promoting your remodeling or home building services is exactly what your marketing plan needs. Keep your company name in front of customers and prospects.

Inspire Them to Contact You

Wow your customers with photos of your favorite remodeling projects or custom-built homes, tell them about your latest achievement, or introduce key employees. Each issue, we will add professionally written articles and photography to complete a beautiful, effective newsletter that your customers will actually want to read.

Keep Your Leads Funnel Full

It doesn't matter if it's a prospect you just met or a customer you worked with before, it's easy for them to forget you. Combining our monthly enewsletter and quarterly print newsletter will keep your company name in front of clients while building your reputation as the expert in home remodeling or custom home building for your area.

Contractor marketing can be difficult

You try to develop your own remodeling marketing strategy by reading the latest blogs, talking to people you know, and even taking a few seminars. The problem is that much of the information you find doesn’t seem to fit your needs.

As a home remodeler or custom home builder, you only need to attract clients in your local service area. On top of that, you need to thoroughly understand the project in order to provide a cost estimate. Then there is the challenge of properly describing the services you offer in short, scannable sentences on your website.

You need a strategy for local marketing. One that reaches the right demographics.

Our print and email newsletters are one of the best ways to market your remodeling business. With our print newsletter, you can target a small area, a specific demographic, or even individual neighborhood. Then, to stay in touch with existing clients and follow up with your prospects, our enewsletter program is very cost effective. You can drive local traffic to your site, increase social media followers, and stay connected with your clients in a non-intrusive way.

How Our Newsletter Programs Works

We do the hard work and you get the glory. How does that sound?

As specialists in the building industry, specifically working with home builders and remodelers, RT Marketing has spent decades developing and honing our newsletter programs to deliver top quality results and take the hard work off of you. Our print newsletters, email newsletters, or the combination of both can work as a stand-alone program; however they work best when incorporated into a well-rounded marketing plan. Check out the descriptions of each one below and then give us a call or fill out the form.

Add printed newsletters to your marketing

WATCH - Animated Description of Full Color vs Limited Space


  • Highly focused on a local market
  • Magazine quality printing for your photography
  • Significantly longer "shelf life" than email or postcards
  • Information-based advertising illuminates you as an expert

Quarterly Print Newsletters

In each four-page issue, our writers write 3 timely articles designed to attract the attention of home owners and provide them with information pertaining to the latest in home trends and remodeling. These articles and photographs are printed on a "shell" that includes seasonal colors and unique graphic elements.

Next, we ask you to provide an article (or two) spotlighting your company. Most often these articles highlight a favorite project or service that promotes your company's overall abilities or a specific service. We reserve specific areas for this information, as shown in the animation. Your articles, along with your company branding and contact information, are laid out in a style to match the rest of the newsletter.

Then, after your approval, the shell is imprinted with your materials and the newsletter is mailed to your mailing list. This list can be provided by you or we will help you to develop a mailing list based on geographic and demographic factors.

To simplify the process even more, we offer two versions of our print newsletter. Depending on how much information you wish to provide each issue, you may choose one of the following:

Full Color

We provide 3 articles, filling the inside spread and header photo area, leaving you with lots of space across the front and back covers. All of your materials, including photographs, are printed in full-color.

Limited Space

We provide 4 articles, filling the inside spread, header photo area, as well as the back cover and half of the front. If you feel you do not have the time or appropriate information to fill in pages 1 and 4, this version allows you to have a complete and beautiful print newsletter anyway. We only ask for a short amount of text to customize the newsletter to your company.

Monthly Email Newsletters

Our "Trends eNewsletter" provides an opportunity for you to stay in touch with your existing and prospective clients without overwhelming them with ads. Plus it's a very cost-effective method of marketing, often as low as pennies per contact.

At the beginning of the program, we develop a custom enewsletter shell that coordinates with your brand. We will work with you to match your website or other branding elements you've already been using, incorporating your company logo, contact information and company colors. We will also include awards, affiliations, and association logos, if you wish.

Our staff writers write one article per issue based on the latest trends in remodeling and custom home building. These articles are fresh, new and previously unpublished so you are getting a unique article specifically focused on your industry.

You then have the opportunity to provide an article that emphasizes your company. Common topics are recently completed projects, company events, or employees you wish to feature. You may also provide additional items such as favorite quotes or product highlights.

Finally we take all of this information, lay it out on the shell to create an attractive and informative email newsletter that your clients will enjoying receiving, and send it to your email list.

We've partnered with Mail Chimp for the delivery of email services because of their:

  1. High email delivery rate
  2. Strong commitment to permission-based emailing
  3. Legal compliance with notices and unsubscribe options
  4. Helpful reporting interface
  5. Commitment to quality
Add email newsletters to your marketing


  • Cost effective
  • Clickable links to website, blog, etc.
  • Flexible in terms of article/photo space
  • Reaches customers wherever they may be

As a remodeling contractor, the best marketing strategy is to incorporate print + digital to reach past, present and future clients

Find Out More

Typically remodelers and home builders are not trained in marketing or at least don't have the time to devote to it. That’s where we fit in. RT Marketing is solely focused on the building industry and more specifically home builders and home remodelers. We’ve been helping customers just like you for over 25 years. We can provide supplemental materials to improve an already effective marketing plan or help you to create a diverse and complete plan to accomplish your goals.

Whenever you are ready, give us a call or send us a message and let's start building an effective plan specifically designed around your needs.

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